Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Already There

This morning while walking along on the treadmill and reading John 21, I saw something I haven't seen before.

Right now I'm researching for the next book I'm proposing to Harvest House later this month and one of the key passages I want to work with is in John 15. But as is so often the case with my whimsical Creator, something new emerged unexpectedly.

I was reading about the invitation Jesus gave his fishing disciples to throw their net over the right (now there's something to play with) side of the boat after having a night of no catch. His initial question was if they had caught anything for breakfast. They did as he invited them, and everyone knows the story about their haul being humongous.

But futher down was the notion that really caught my eye and my heart for the first time. As the disciples came ashore and got out of the boat, breakfast of fish and bread was waiting for them. Jesus didn't need their fish to provide for them. The fish he intended to nourish them with and serve them was already there.

The fish they had caught was not what Jesus was dependent on to provide.

It's already there.

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lgiltmier said...

So true, Robin. One of the things God has been really showing me is that He has a process He needs me to go through...and THAT's how I become more like Him, not just jumping to the "answers."

But I also look forward to what you have to say about John 15. That's one He brings me back to over and over.